Does Katy P work for free?

mr tom

A new era? same old sh#t.
She is on all the time it seems.

Now I know really that due to travel, it makes sense that the presenters work in blocks... but it seems that whenever I turn on the television to qvc, Katy P is on there.

I assume forumers feel this way about other presenters, but I felt the urge to articulate this.
The block working makes it very hard to avoid the truly awful ones.

I agree about KP but Jill F also seems to work every night but I rarely see her during the day.


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Yes, I was going to say Franks, as there have been times whenever I've tuned in day or night, there she is - (in need of a hairwash !!!)


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Some are very predictablke as to when they will be on screen. Others tend to be on only in specific timeslots.

Debbie used to be a night owl, but now that she works in tighter blocks of time she's on at all hours after midday when she's on. Ali K isn't a daytime gal. Julia was more of an evening and late person before her leukaemia diagnosis and treatment. Jill and Jilly are very definitely evening ladies.
Kathy and Simon rarely appear after midday, thankfully for me!!
Craig pops up at any hour of the day, as does Miceal.
Ali Y does later daytime and evening. I expect that's so she can spend time with her animals before coming into London.

I guess they choose the hours that fit best with their lifestyles and other commitments.


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Debbie Flint seems to be on all the time at weekends so I just don't watch if I can help it. When Julia starts showing off and gurning she is turned off too.

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