Doll10 TSV 17/11/21

But as far as I know, the Smashbox primer is one of the best out there. Haven't tried it yet, though.
I used to use the Smashbox primer when they were on QVC, I have now settled on the Mally perfect prep neutralizing primer and am on the my second tube. (not like me at all!) I was thinking of trying the Aldi primer, they get good write ups and are often compared to Smashbox.
Been trying it for a few days and I am going to send it back.It seems to gather around nose and does not last long.
I have sent both of mine back. It gave me an extra wrinkle under each eye that the foundation and primer just filled up and made even deeper and I don't need that kind of help. Vanished quite quickly as well, with and without skin care products.

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