Don Kogen Live on Rocks & Co.


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Before we start throwing too many accusations around, please could someone tell me how we know that Don owns this company? I know Gavin is behind it and that they used to work very closely together, but I haven't seen the company accounts with names of directors etc. I would also feel rather uncomfortable accusing the likes of Gavin and Don of unprofessionalism and dodgy dealings without being sure. Maybe I'm being naive, I'd never thought of competition rules. Btw, is that why Steve runs Rockstv as an internet only company? (The light bulb goes on, sorry that I'm a bit slow.)


Jacqualina, you asked before and I didn't respond because there are some things it's not appropriate to put on this forum. What I CAN tell you is that a very close friend of mine was offered a job at Rocks and Co before they went on air. So I knew about the venture before it was even launched. I was told categorically that it was a Don Kogan venture. I am not going divulge any more than that - sorry - but perhaps you now understand why, from the very start, I have said the same thing.

Also, if you've seen M4G's post you will see that she had a conversation also (with completely different people) who confirmed the same thing and they are inside the industry.

However, personally, I don't care whether he is behind Rocks and Co or not. His sudden appearance and slip ups on air do set tongues wagging and laying aside the legal aspects, I do think that it's dishonest, if he is behind the company, to wheel him out as a guest.

I'm pretty sure that even if you saw the accounts, Don's name wouldn't be on them. Look at it this way, if you were subject to competition and confidentiality law from a previous company, you're not likely to flaunt a new venture that may mean you fall foul?

At the end of the day, I've always like Don's larger than life personality. I felt happy knowing he was behind Rocks and Co BUT subsequently have lost faith in the company and prefer to shop elsewhere.

I hope that helps. Perhaps others could chime in with how they know?


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Thanks very much for that Meesh. I supppose it would make sense that Gavin and Don went into business together. I know nothing about competiotion law, but it would explain why they have to be covert about it. Maybe he's the money behind the company, rather than the gem hunter. I agree that if he is involved, they certainly shouldn't be saying he has nothing to do with them - it rather undermines their credibility!


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I was also told a while ago by someone inside the industry that Don Kogen was behind Rocks & Co.

Of course, rumours go around which are not necessarily true, and who knows? - maybe his relationship with Rocks & Co is more arm's length than some of us have been led to suspect.

But I do agree that it would be damaging to his credibility and to that of the company IF he was going on air stating quite categorically that he is nothing to do with Rocks & Co, IF that is not in fact the case.


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If he hadn't kept saying he was nothing to do with Rocks I, for one, wouldn't have even thought about it. xx


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I too was told by someone with connections before the channel was launched. Funnily enough they also said "buyer beware"!! I swore I would never divulge who told me and I never betray a trust. I will say this much - I believe what I was told and nobody will persuade me otherwise.

It's very easy to get a copy of the Directors details online for around £5-£6 but I'm sure he won't be named as a Director for the reasons Meeshoo mentioned earlier. He'll have someone like VB named instead. I did a search for the company and I think they are called Rocks & Co Productions Ltd as nothing for simply Rocks & Co came up. There was another company called Rocks and Co TV LLP and registered at JML House but that was disolved around October last year.


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Yes Klos they are R.........Productions Limited and their RO is just a mile or so from me in Harrow. Probably just the Accountants or Solicitors offices though. " is a site operated by Rocks and Co Productions Limited (we). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 06662909 and with our registered office at 99 Kenton Road, Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 0AN, email address [email protected]. Our main trading address is Unit 2000 Regis Road, London NW5 3EW. Our VAT number is 939 4732 83"

Hmm - so their RO is round the corner and their trading address is where I was raised - Kentish Town. It weren't me, honest guv! xxx


Costs nothing to be nice!
Hmm - so their RO is round the corner and their trading address is where I was raised - Kentish Town. It weren't me, honest guv! xxx
Ah ha!! So you're really a :molio: or a :espiona: ??!!

I always knew there was something a bit



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I don't understand why this channel continues to lie. Surely they must realise that people aren't stupid??

It is common knowledge that Don Kogen owns this channel, i guess he must be trying to avoid some sort of law suit from Gems TV otherwise he would admit to being part of it.

It just annoys me that they think customers believe all the c***.
See the who's Zak thread. I agree!

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