Don't I ever learn?


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I am an idiot. I bought something from Gemporia although every time I buy something from them I end up facing more hassle than their products are worth it. This time Gemporia says they have dispatched my parcel to DPD while DPD says they haven't receive my parcel yet. And this has been like this for almost 24 hours. The call centre told me that they have called DPD and they definitely have my parcel. When I called DPD they said Gemporia has given me incorrect information because they don't have my parcel. It's never smooth sailing with this lousy company. Again, I am an idiot.
You are not an idiot, it's just that Gemporia are hopeless, their customer service is being run like some doomed task on The Apprentice.
Thank you, Pepperpot. That's very kind. The latest customer service agent I spoke to really surprised me. For her, when they say delivered in 2 to 3 days they count these days from dispatch date and not from purchase date. It's the first time I hear something like this.