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Hi everyone, I thought that I would ask you all for your dream item of jewellery, perhaps a design that you already own, or something that you have always wanted ? My dream is a 3ct emerald cut emerald in white gold, with no fancy bits and bobs on it, just plain and simple (just like me lol) :)


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A 2-3 carat "Top notch" Tanzanite, oval cut with good quality diamonds framing it...in yellow gold of course!


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My wildest gemstone dream (and it will only ever be a dream,)is a large rectangular cut real Kashmir sapphire in a diamond frosted platinum setting.I saw one in a famous collection recently and now I know why they're the ultimate sapphire.
Failing that,I'd like the moonstone,diamond and Montana sapphire white gold necklace displayed in the second case on the left on the third floor of Tiffany's 5th Ave please,should a passing genie be listening!:)


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OOH thats a tough one, id love a majestic tanzanite 2 carat ring in white gold, or a simple diamond solitaire in white gold (hope the oh reads this lol):)


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i have been pondering ove this one i really would love a prefect flawless diamond trilogy 2ct pendant. and ring to match nothing like wanting the world ...


I'm lucky enough to already own it and it's the ring in my avatar. It's a 3.06ct Alexandrite plus VS diamonds and the colour change is phenomenal. It changes colour at the drop of a hat and in all lighting conditions without any encouragement! In fact, the thing I love about it is that it's like wearing a different ring all day! It was one of those OMG moments when I bought it and it's possibly my all time favourite. Now a matching pendant would be nice ................ :D


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Toughie! I think though it would have vvs diamond necklace, brilliant cut, and graduating in size. Drop of around 18". Simple and classic.


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Ooooh that's easy! A nice 1 ct deep rose natural pink diamond solitaire ring. It's never going to happen, but it's nice to dream isn't it? :cool:


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Thats an easy one the Koh-i-nor diamond of course
well you did say dream didn't you


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Ooooh that's easy! A nice 1 ct deep rose natural pink diamond solitaire ring. It's never going to happen, but it's nice to dream isn't it? :cool:

I'd be right behind you in the queue, but mine would be heart cut!

Meanwhile I would settle for the white diamond version lol


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I would love an emerald, probably about 2 carats with an interesting uniform jardin. Not keen on the clearer ones but don't like them patchy. Unusually for me it would have to be 18k yellow gold. Not too much to ask is it? :D

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