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I have liked and used pcmc and oxy night cream when it has been in Qvc kits.
There is a new one called pro intense lift night cream, I tried some at an Elemis counter yesterday. At first I thought it was nice, lovely texture, then after a few minutes it dried down to that really awful smell that LE skin repair has, only even stronger. We have talked about that smell on here before and wondered if it could be borage, whatever it is its in this cream, so best to be aware of this if it appears in a future TSV. it might just save postage costs if you hate that smell



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That one is aimed at the over 55s it seems. I tried it the other month and it did have a weird smell. The SA said I didn't need it:mysmilie_14: as it did not sink into my skin, just sat on the surface feeling sticky.


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Thanks for the tip about the smell of this; one for me to avoid as LE Skin Repair makes me gag!

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