Elemis TSV 25/7/21

Fallen Angel

Pro-Collagen Rose Nourish & Glow

This floral infused 5 piece face and bady collection includes 2 Pro-Collagen heroes, 3 Modern English Rose Body Favourites and our latest launch Wildflower Cleansing Oil.


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I don’t get on with rose so it’s a no from me, not getting Saturdays as I don’t get on with SPF in products ....didn’t get the last one...oh I need to lie down in a dark room....3 I’ve missed/am missing out on...still have about 10 brand new cleansers in different guises anyway


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That's more than three months away, do these people like opening their Christmas presents in September?


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There is probably only about 4 or 5 different formulae's for the balms/moisturers/oils and lotions, so they can churn out dozens of different bottles/tubes/tubs of 'stuff' with a different perfume and call it another name. There appears to be a cleanser for ever hour of the day so far.

Silver Fox

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I have always done a double cleanse, well for the last 40 years, first to remove makeup and then to get rid of anything left.This may have cost me a fortune in cleansers for those who do not believe in this and think it a total waste of money.It is not a new concept put forward by the likes of Keeley and any other‘bloggers’ who are pushing this.


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Silver Fox it originated in Japan as far as I know. Kanebo we had a counter in Debenhams in the 80s, and they always had the double cleanse.

It was like washing your hair twice because of the heavy styling products used one wash would not get it all out.

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