Elemis TSV 25/9/22


Elemis TSV September

some of it contains

Pro Collagen Vitality Eye Cream BRAND NEW
Elemis 4 Piece Collection (Date To be Confirmed)

? Pro Collagen Vitality Eye Cream RRP TBC
100ml Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask RRP £108 + post (RRP £54 + post for 50ml) (will become an indivual item soon)
15ml Pro Collagen Renewal Serum RRP £70 + post
30ml Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream RRP £67 + post



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I watched the Live Q&A on Keeley’s FB yesterday and she said the TSV is on 17th September and there’s a big deal as well at the end of September.
wonder if thats the pre launch date at 9pm & then launching on the 18th as the acutal tsv because it would seem wierd for it to be on a saturday tsv
I’m not a huge fan of eye cream and definitely wouldn’t pay £72 for a pot! Where do they pluck these random prices from??!!
Same here. I’ve never found any that made the slightest difference so stopped bothering years ago. I wouldn’t pay £72 for a pot of moisturiser let alone an eye cream. Ridiculous price, and with everything rocketing in price, most of us are looking to cut back …
Resurfacing, a no from me.

Have to say I actually bought some Elemis products I use on eBay yesterday. Herbal Lavender Repair Mask for £23.99 in the box, it is brilliant if I have sensitivity out breaks and actually takes spot down quickly. I was given the tip years back, dab on spot and left overnight. Unfortunately, I used a product which made me break out in large red lump like spots 3 weeks ago, Herbal Mask worked wonders and took them down. Then got 50 ml of PCMC for £34.55, the seller seems to work for Elemis as the items are all in the professional tubes they use in the salon.