Elemis TSV 3/4/22

Don’t see enough of these two ladies in my opinion with their Elemis expertise.
Do you mean Grace the Martine McCutcheon sound alike think she is on maternity leave, she had a baby mid January a girl Eden-Mae.
Oh ok didn't know that Grace had a baby .
In Keeley's defence (which is unusual for moi) she has mentioned her menopause. So I guess weight gain is a part of that,which does happen to alot of women. Fortunately for moi I was already the size of a baby elephant by then🙄 I like JF but she did interrupt ALOT last night. Just recently she has been thanking the team on the floor & in the gallery which is nice to be fair.
Yes Jill has been name checking staff and thanking them along with mentioning staff leaving too. But not about just appearing to be saying it cause they have been providing the free clothing allowance.
Does anyone else think that Keeley has had some discreet ‘work’ done?
Her forehead seems to look much, much smoother than it ever has before IMO.
I was thinking exactly the same!! Just watched last hour and her eyes are definitely looking different! 100% she has had something done I'd say.

Doesn’t give you much faith in the brand does it if the advocate resorts to “work”
Exactly my thoughts too Breeze.
Does anyone else get Elemis emails, never known this before.
I’ve had two today advertising the QVC TSV, with a clock counting down the hours left to purchase.
Just one...........so far!!!
What between those and Keeley selling at the same time the products she‘s showing, as well those she’s not showing. Then telling me to have a bathroom shelf full of everything and in every colour. But then everything is antI-aging and for stress, so why would I need everything for the same concerns. 🤪