Emu Footwear TSV 28/09/20


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I like Moshulu. It`s a capped delivery charge at £3.99 so you can order different sizes or different styles and its free returns. Plus a bonus for me is their size 8 is a 42 EU instead of 41 as many UK brands try to sell as an 8. They do some lovely boots but I tend to buy out of season in their sales. Worth having a look.
Just in case anybody is interested in the Moshulu site, they are now giving 20 % discount on everything but sale items.
I did like them but I’ve a pair of EMU worn twice so not getting sucked in again.

my personal spending (not garden or house even that is minimal) this year has been a couple of tops in Marks sale (under £12 each) and a couple of full price jeans (£30 each) and an Eek ring under £30. What’s the point - not going anywhere.

I normally use cash for anything under £10 and if I’ve spent £30 (excluding haircuts ) the entire 7 months of lockdown it’s the height of it, a lottery ticket , milk and something from Poundland,

On the other hand food bill has nearly doubled.


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That's about my spending level for the year, too. OTOH, two binbags of clothes have gone to the charity shop but I still can't see the cupboards for stuff.
Moshulu are great, but Emus are pricing themselves above the market. Why can't they make lasts for wider feet any more? They've gone from one extreme to the other. And why can't they make plain sheepskin-lined boots for a man? I'm sure they'd sell.


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I noticed that there weren’t good reviews for these boots and someone posted a picture of the front of a pair and the scuff part were different heights. Similar pictures are appearing on eBay so maybe qvc told the recipients to keep them (as well as sending them a replacement)? and they’re selling them on......

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