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A few items left and code EXTRA5 takes a further 5% off.
However, I ordered a £10 item & the code took off £3.55, so a little stocking filler for next year for £6.45. Added a second but discount stayed at £3.55.

I checked out as a guest & no p&p, so you could place more than one order to get discount.
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Just received this email:
Thank you for choosing to place your order with Eyeko.

We're sorry to inform you that some or all of your order number ******** has now been cancelled as Eyeko Charming Trio Christmas Kit (2020) is no longer available. We have tried to source further stock but we have been unsuccessful, sorry to disappoint you.

If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

Please note you may receive a system generated message informing you of the cancellation, please disregard this. We hope to see you shopping with us again soon.

Kind regards,

Eyeko Customer Service​

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