False Advertising..


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The TEFAL ACTIFRY GENIUS XL combined price is £247.99, IW price £159.99. Difference is withIW you get a chopping board, albeit Joseph and Joseph. The same ACTIFRY sells at John Lewis for £169.99.So the regular IW price of £247.99 is extremely inflated.
Still cheaper. But not by as much as the on screen graphics suggest.
IW manipulating the truth. AGAIN.
I only caught this onto guide, as I don’t watch shopping tv any longer.


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The website doesn't mention £247.99 but as you said it was the screen graphics. I did a quick search and the prices for the item vary, Debenhams are charging £220 but Argos are currently selling it for an eyewatering £269.99! The majority of other places it's £169.99 I presume that IW had the fryer on offer for maybe a day at the higher price,which means they can legally say that they're slashing the price. On this occasion I think they're offering a pretty good deal, a tenner cheaper than anywhere else, free P&P and a chopping board thrown in....Not bad IW! Makes a change...Don't think IW are being particularly naughty here, everybody does it, however, if they've not offered the product in the past for £247.99 or that price exceeds the manufacturer's rrp, then yes that's not very good...But like I say....not a bad deal!


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It’s a great deal, I’ve just bought another. QVC are the worse in my opinion for doing this because they make their own “QVC price” extremely high and knock off what seems a lot, but brings the price down to what others are selling it for or more, QVC have massive overheads which is probably why they’re the most expensive place to shop. You also have to take in to account that IW are free returns (and also reduced/capped postage) which also keeps costs down when shopping from a shopping channel. I do recommend this Actifry though, brilliant kitchen addition for hands free cooking.

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