Faux Wool????


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Right, we've had faux shearling, faux leather, faux diamonds, but now faux wool? QVC really is turning into that infamous French & Saunders sketch. It's either wool or not wool.

Such a shame, as I've had several rather nice, quite reasonable real wool coats by Centigrade in the past, but I'll not be buying any faux wool in the near future!


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i bought a couple of tsv's from centigrade when it was new.i had a couple of longer length coats and they were really nice actually.like everything it seems i got bored of them and sold them on ebay.i havent bought anything from centigrade for years.ive watched the few shows they've had on in the last past couple of days and the prices seems to have shot up.

like honora these brands first come and as sold as the affordable range - then they get established and the seem to loose the very thing that makes them attractive ie the price!!!

i aree with you about the materials - something is either leather,wool,suede etc......or its not!!! just give us the material it actually is!!


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I always thought it was stretching the description when they labelled coats "Wool Mix", where they were 20% wool and 80% polyester; or worse "Cashmere Mix" with about 2% cashmere! There's a place for manmade fibres and since we've lived in the South I've rarely had the need for a weighty wool winter coat, so a wool/polyester Centipede coat I bought a few years ago has been well worn.

There's a place in the market for manmade fibres, particularly for a fashion item rather than a classic, it keeps the price down, so why be ashamed to tell it as it is? If QVC seem apologetic or ashamed of their (gulp) "fabrications" (sorry), they seem to be saying they are inferior.

There's another approach: they could bring some wool coats! (silly me!) :wink:

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