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I responded to a Feefo request for a review of a JM product and am alarmed that I received a response from the JM team. I was advised that they had tried to phone me and left a message but there is nothing on my phone. I understood that Feefo is an independent company and that any feedback we provide to Feefo is anonymous. If this is the case then why is my name and details of my response being given to JM so that they can phone me up? Surely this breaches data protection regulations.

Having looked up Feefo and reading how they operate I see that it is TGGC that has shared my details with this organisation - without my consent. Either way I won't be giving any more feedback to Feefo, that's IF I buy anything again.


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Yes I also had that experience, it tried to get me to email Gemporia directly. I thought, balls to that and closed the page! It isn't independent, unbiased or, in my opinion ethical.

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Having left 3 Feefo and seeing Gems TV response that they tried to call me - I can tell you that this is utter lies. They made no attempt whatsoever and no unknown number was logged on my phone.

I wouldn't worry too much about the 'contact' bit - this is all fakery in an attempt to imply to review readers that you are an ungrateful or awkward customer who didn't want their help.


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Me too, I gave an unfavourable review and Gems rang me, I wouldn't have left a review if I hadn't believed that it was anonymous.
Do they ring to stop people giving negative reviews?
Seems unethical to me.


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I've left unfavourable reviews about their sister channel jewellerymaker. They have rung me to discuss my issues, sympathised & offered me a credit on my account. I have never been asked to change my review & I quite like the 'idea' that they are listening to understand, rather than from a PR point of view.


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I saw a bad review a couple of days ago on Feefo, the person was complaining she/he had had her account disabled because of a high percentage of returns??? I feel so bad for this person and bloody annoyed at Gems. After all they offer a "30 day no quibble guarantee" for returning items, there's nothing in their t & cs that states an account could be disabled for a high percentage of returns.
I've been buying from Gems for over 4 years, i didn't return any items until the last few months or so, the quality nowadays on some of the items i've received are appalling, i've had rings where the top was bent/mishapen, awful dull, cloudy, colourless gems that bear no resemblance to what was shown onscreen, gems with a huge window in them, stones missing/loose, stones set wonky, claws unfinshed, sharp bits sticking up, appalling silverwork, wrong sizes, rings that are uncomfortable to wear, too big, too small, don't like in "real life," etc etc.
Maybe if Gems actually acted on all the negative comments on Feefo about quality control, there wouldn't be so many retuns? I see comment after comment on this, nothing changes.:mysmilie_51:
Isn't this move by Gems going to stop people buying as much? The presenters are always saying to buy 2, 3, 4 of an item if you want to get a good stone, :ie Ammolite rings, if there's only 3 on the lounge, they say buy all 3 as they can't say which you will get. The 30 day guarantee is i'd say one of the main reasons why a lot of people buy from them, you should be able to buy and return as you want without the fear of your account being disabled.
I don't know the percentage of returns the person had, so it could be the whole orders? or half, i don't know. Gems responded to them saying they had made the decision because of their returns and they could speak to a manager about it.
Obviously being a business, they want to sell, not process piles of returns, but, with me, most of my returns have been as stated above.
On the other hand, i have bought some stunning, perfect, faulltess items from Gems and still will, but this has maybe me think twice now about "it's ok, 30 day returns" so i'm not buying as i used to, so thanks Feefo.:mysmilie_12:
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