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Anybody any heads up if qvc are going to be selling Fitbit ? Heard Claire saying yesterday she has got one and Craig posted photo of his . Just wondering if they are testing them for show . Easy pay would be good too lol


they have sold the fitbit ones before but they ended up in clearence but to me it says they are bringing it back as a new one but who knows


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QVC had the Fitbit zip at one point. I have the Fitbit ultra which is not made anymore. I've had it for 2 years in April. I use it everyday. Would buy another one or something similar if it broke


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The fitbit is great for anyone doing WeightWatchers as you can connect it so it tracks your activity points


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I've got a FitBit Zip which I believe is a "basic" model but I love it. I use it mainly to count steps and distance to see if I can do my 10,000 steps a day. I'm sure it has other functions which I will try some day !

(I don't mean to boast but I've lost 3.85 stones since Feb 2014 and have been going to the gym and generally walking more since Aug. I feel so much better. Target is my normal BMI by Sept, my 60th birthday.)


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I have a Charge which I wear 24/7 (apart from when I have a shower) and it's great. It tracks steps, distance, sleep, active minutes, it's a watch, an alarm clock and it tells me when my phone is ringing, and who is calling, which is ace for when I need to have my phone on silent or when my phones in my bag or in a different room. The breakdown of all the info on the accompanying app is brilliant - I walk a lot and it shows me a detailed map of all my routes, including distance etc, analyses the quality of my sleep by telling me when I was restless or awake during the night, and can be set up to record calories burned etc, though I don't use that facility. All data can be viewed as charts so you can compare from day to day or over this course of a week / month etc. it's really interesting.


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Oh when my Fitbit ultra eventually breaks, I may buy the charge as I would like to know when my phone rings as my phone is often in another room. My Ultra does track my sleep but as I have disturbed nights with the students next door, I'd rather no know how much they are disturbing my sleep.

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My Ultra does track my sleep but as I have disturbed nights with the students next door, I'd rather no know how much they are disturbing my sleep.

That's what I was thinking, I might be better in blissful ignorance than worrying that I hadn't had a good night's sleep.


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I have the charge too, but I find it does not always record my stair climbing,and my gardening does not also count to activity bit, I can find this a bit demoralising! It is paired to my phone and can track I walk by it. But the app on the phone was upgraded a few weeks ago, and it is now slow to load on my phone.


here it is

Fitbit Charge HR Activity Tracker Heartrate Monitor with Smartphone Notifications
Item Number: 506329
QVC Price: £119.00
Introductory Price £107.88
P&P £5.95

RRP roughly is £120

This activity tracker - simply worn like a watch on your wrist - will monitor your heart rate and sleeping pattern as well as accurately track calorie burn, steps, weight loss goals and much more; while also providing you with text and call notifications from your smartphone. Maximise the impact of your exercise, motivate yourself to improve your lifestyle, and enjoy seeing the benefits of your day-to-day changes with the multi-functional Fitbit activity tracker.

Track your activity - the sleek device will feed back to you the number of steps you take, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes to help you keep track of your fitness. Additionally, you can download the Fitbit app to your smartphone to compare all your stats easily.

Sleep easily - monitor how well and how long you sleep with the tracker, before it optionally wakes you with a silent vibrating alarm.

Smartphone notifications - there's no need to worry about missing an important call at any time, the Fitbit will notify you of any activity.

Adjustable wristband
Fitbit (l x w): 20cm x 2cm (7.9" x 0.8")

All measurements are approximate