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Lilo Lil

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Jun 24, 2008
Apparently Create & Craft are now selling everything on Flexipay - and charging admin fees for the privilege …

Starting a trend or smacks of desperation?


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Flex I buy is now available on every item. And yes they are mentioning the fees. And there’s also a box on the right hand side of the screen with it. I don’t think they explain what the fees are but it’s in the Ts&Cs.
I think it's important (considering there weren't fees before) and how casually and regularly presenters offer up flexi as an option, to clarify exactly what the end cost is. because it makes sense that a bargain becomes less so with hidden charges
Need to recover cash to repay loans or they'll end up like IW.

Just noticed there were big changes at the end of last year, new folks pulling the strings, TNUI Assets, all the Directors like Kaye, Wright etc resigned, probably the fall out from Shop Extra.

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