FlexiPay vs Openpay.


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Are IW moving over to OpenPay for all items eventually? I was interested in the Isomers products last night. They were shows as being on FlexiPay on screen but there was only OpenPay available. I don't really fancy signing up for that, credit check and all, so will pass. Why are they using OpenPay? I can only assume it shifts the risk of non-payment issues away from IW?


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It is on flexi-pay Moth, just sign in and it gives you the options, credit/debit card, OpenPay, Paypal or flexi-pay. Just tap flexi-pay and pick your flexi-plan, and continue on, hope this helps.


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Hmm, this is odd then. I've just gone to look again and the only options I have are credit/debit, Paypal and Openpay. Nothing for FlexiPay at all, and I've tried on several items.


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Sorry Moth yes it’s gone off again, what I normally do when that happens is add it on when I get something else on flexible-pay to open the flexi-basket, or find something really cheap for a tenner two flexis then add it on. I do agree about Openpay, I won’t be bothering with that but no they’re not getting rid of flexi-pay. :RpS_biggrin:

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