Free Postage 25th Febuary


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I sneakily ordered some sweet pea plants - they are for Mother's Day though and I was going to buy them from somewhere anyway. I don't know why Q don't do free postage every Sunday, they'd make a bomb. I bet they tripled their takings in just one day.

If they did that no one would shop during the week, the phones would be in meltdown and the website would crash!
I ordered this on Sunday night for my mates birthday present next month.

It was £65.40 with free postage. 36 hours later it's now £54.48 plus £3.95 postage.
What an absolute pi$$ take. I've half a mind to say it's damaged and get a free return and just buy him something different from somewhere else to be honest.
just phone QVC they will refund the difference

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