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Being a meanie I'd love to see one of the tat peddlers write a gushing post about the beauty product they were 'trialling' only to suffer a severe reaction. Obviously not life threatening, just a big red face, peeling skin, bag over head & weeks until back to normal reaction 🤣🤣🤣
Or looking like a sack of spuds in some polyester "designer" outfit. Oops, too late!

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DId Pipa miss out on the freebie Dyson hair products as her hair on LR 7pm show is bliddy awful. I know we all have lockdown hair but she used to say she cut her own hair when it was short.
She must think she hasn’t a problem
Here she is asking if Claire has booked her appointment at the hairdressers
So what are you implying there Miss know it all Pipa?

View video at 1.40

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Pippa has got the Dyson hair products, she has said previously she can’t live without them. I noticed how bad her hair has looked, and I expect that’s why she’s had it cut. So much for long term use of Dyson! I (stupidly) bought the hairdryer when it was a TSV a couple of years ago, and have found after long term use the condition of my hair has suffered. As a retired hairdresser I don’t rate it at all. It’s too small for me, more like one of those travel dryers.Now gone back to using my trusty old Babyliss.

I'm completely the opposite. My hair looked and felt a lot better after a few weeks with my Dyson.

GHDs completely wrecked my hair but my Steampod, despite being used at the same heat and with the same products improved the condition so much over the course of a month my hairdresser was quite shocked. She's since recommended them to all her straightening clients.

I've not been feeling great recently so I used a Revlon One-Step hot air styler that I'd had given to me several years ago that had been loitering in my junk cupboard. I started drying the front with a brush and my Dyson and the back with the Revlon.

What a shocking difference in condition over the last three weeks! Although the Revlon initially makes it look lovely - all bouncy and shiny like a hair ad - the following morning it's dull and frizzy. I'm gutted as apart from the results when I'm finished, it's so much easier to use than a brush and dryer.


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Bemused and confused that the freebie merchants are held in such high esteem by so many,rather depressing really and queue jumping just about tops the lot,except for the competition fiasco.
The Q presenters benefit from parasocial relationships, just like on social media. It says as much about their fans as about the Q policy of getting presenters to seem like friends.

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