freeview help please


right this is going to be long & complicated im telling you as i just dont know what to do now as i cant figure it out for the life of me

right my old refurb humax 9300T has been missing a few recordings & stuff (record Q quite a bit to help with my hobby of finding things)

so i thought you know what il buy a new PVR to record it all like another refurb as i love this kind of item as its sooo much cheaper to buy so i bought this

Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB Smart 500GB HDD Recorder PVR Twin Freeview+ HD Tuners

& when it came i plugged it all in & set it up to not have Q or some of the other channels on it now

so i thought id buy a signal booster Philex 1-Way TV Aerial Signal Booster

but that only made things worse as on the panasonic box i only get like 9 channels with the booster

so took that booster out & it only got the channels my freeview tv has (which dont include Q which is quite annoying by now)

so i thought il put my old humax one back & now that cant get Q either!!

so i thought id try that with the booster & that made my humax box worse as it couldnt even get really 9 channels!!

so im lost what to do as my humax box is getting other channels i never had but they are crackly but i want Q back on it & dont know what to do

any questions for me about it as i kinda ranted on a bit just ask


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It can be really frustrating. Without the booster, I would try factory resetting the old humax, you will lose old recordings and then rescan for channels. If you don't want to lose your recordings then try deleting some of the recordings. We have had problems where our equipment has run out of recording space and it did not show this. Eventually found out the problem when we called the help desk.
If you want the Panasonic to work, try a factory reset and then rescan. If that doesn't work, look/post online, then if no joy call help desk.
I have an old Thompson which I am still using (we have other boxes as well), had to change a couple of the resistors and I have had to delete all the data because it got too full and it started skipping some recordings. Also had to do a factory reset at one point as well. I've probably had it 10 years if not more.


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I bought a new TV and a Humax recorder a month ago and re-scanned it for the first time, since the initial installation, on 31st March, as I read that Bid etc were changing channels (and they're good for a laugh. :wink:) I lost QVC although all the other channels were there. I re-scanned three times and still had the same problem. On the 4th scan I changed the receiver choice (I'd ignored this prompt before, preferring to stay on the pre-set one.) QVC came back and all's been well since then. So if re-setting your box, like ILS suggested, and that doesn't work then maybe changing the receiver do (if you get that option.)