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Oh my word bow me over with a feather
It’s not! a Richard Jackson’s new and better than ever that’s gone before creation!!!!o_Oo_Oo_O


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These look nice but I don't need any more plants. I just had some RJ cosmos delivered today and they are really impressive, all alive, big plants and no weedy/sick ones. I've had a lot of plants recently, many of which have been a bit of a joke (not from QVC) so it's nice to know they CAN be sent out and received in good condition. You usually get good service/products from T&M.

My order status says busy lizzies in process but they have just arrived! Begonias despatched not arrived and everything else either in process or awaiting stock (ie advanced orders so ok as long as they keep to dates otherwise will be far too late).

other gardening items, not plants, ordered elsewhere arrived within 2 days. Rose from David Austin when ordered at weekend said delivery may be delayed but email yesterday that’s it’s been despatched.

Q have definitely been poor in the gardening department especially when you consider the prices are approximately 4 times that of even the pricer garden centres.

Even if we are in a similar situation I will not buy from Q again.

i found some very very (ashamed to say how old) seeds the other day and decided nothing beats a try so I have sown them which will be interesting.


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strangely enough I have been forced to buy Sainsbury's plants and the are really nice and cheap as chips
They never learn do they? Greed greed greed. Can’t fulfil existing orders but the money machine keeps churning.

Dont know how much the planter is worth but Lidl were selling the plants for £2.99 each so is the barrel worth £20 - I doubt it.

I ordered these last year and they never arrived and that was without lockdown!


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T&M are unable to supply two tomato plants that I ordered weeks ago to be sent to my mum. Doubt they'll arrive now. I've got two of these tower pots and they blow over in the wind and also the little plastic tabs that slot the tower bit together get brittle and snap off but you can use a bit of snip and twist to hold the sections together. Wouldn't pay more than a tenner for one though, think mine were a special offer a year or so ago.



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Considering all the issues that there have been with Thompson and Morgan since the lockdown, I wonder how this POTM will do?

I’m certainly not going to buy it.


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Aren't these just Black Eyed Susan?
Yes they are: cheap as chips easy to grow and are an annual they are not perennials in the uk they need a greenhouse to overwinter.. this must cost QVC and T&M £2 to put together but they will sell thousands upon thousands because QVc customers love a bargain


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Personally i would never buy plants from [email protected] or Hayloft they do not get good reviews but i guess some people have been happy with what they have received i have not been happy with the odd plants i have bought over the years
Anyone else received an email showing how to care for plants received by post/courier?

The one aspect they didn’t address was “what to do when they are dead on arrival”!
I phoned to cancel the compost which has never arrived but was told I couldn’t so would have to fill out the obligatory form which I have now done. I also wrote and told them if it did arrive and I was at home I would refuse delivery and if I wasn’t and it was left at the door I was going to consider it unsolicited goods and destroy it.

Update on the cosmos, after planting deep and reducing height by nearly a half, all but one seem to be doing well. The first scented begonias are rubbish, the second trailing ones might be ok.
The TM purple sun which I thought no one could kill are pathetic. The Bussy Lizzie which were the first to come havent grown at all. The awful compost from Lidl I was forced to use probably hasn’t helped.

Most of the plants on Arsebook are really terrible but some look ok so I’m not sure what those people were expecting.

Thank goodness my roses are doing really well so I have some colour (and smell as I couldn’t grow a rose which wasn’t perfumed no matter how lovely).


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My RJ cosmos are now flowering but they seem to be dwarf ones! I've put in the Suttons orange cosmos (the biggest ones) behind them to see how they go. My Plants 2 Gardens TSV with the big pebble pots are doing really well and will be lovely when all the flowers come out. P2G cost more but you sometimes get free postage and I think I've only had one disaster which I was refunded for. RJ begonias going in the garden tomorrow. Lots of my lilies are budding now so give it a couple of weeks and the garden should be a riot of plants and colour - I hope! I'll post a couple of pics when things have bloomed a bit.



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Our market has been closed for lockdown, so the gardening stall has been sadly missed as it sells fab plants at great prices.

a few weeks ago they opened their nursery (professional growers not a garden centre). Yesterday in there I found the very same type of osteospermum as sold by QVC, the orange/purple ‘new generation’ plants.

They were good sturdy plants in full bloom & with lots of buds. £1 each.

QVC should be ashamed of how they are exploiting their customers, with poor packaging & delivery and the prices. Lots of people can’t leave their homes and even those who can don’t all have local garden centres or nurserieS.
EM, that was me, we don’t have Aldi,Morrison’s or Wilco and neither of our Tesco or Sainsbury sell plants.

Homebase was closed and when B&q and Dobbies opened it was outside our permitted travel area so for me it was Q or nothing. If I’d known then what I know now it would have been nothing.


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Lockdown has forced me to garden a lot more than usual. Even my neighbour who never ever uses her garden has pressure washed it and she's 9 months pregnant :oops:

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