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Oh my word bow me over with a feather
It’s not! a Richard Jackson’s new and better than ever that’s gone before creation!!!!o_Oo_Oo_O


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These look nice but I don't need any more plants. I just had some RJ cosmos delivered today and they are really impressive, all alive, big plants and no weedy/sick ones. I've had a lot of plants recently, many of which have been a bit of a joke (not from QVC) so it's nice to know they CAN be sent out and received in good condition. You usually get good service/products from T&M.

My order status says busy lizzies in process but they have just arrived! Begonias despatched not arrived and everything else either in process or awaiting stock (ie advanced orders so ok as long as they keep to dates otherwise will be far too late).

other gardening items, not plants, ordered elsewhere arrived within 2 days. Rose from David Austin when ordered at weekend said delivery may be delayed but email yesterday that’s it’s been despatched.

Q have definitely been poor in the gardening department especially when you consider the prices are approximately 4 times that of even the pricer garden centres.

Even if we are in a similar situation I will not buy from Q again.

i found some very very (ashamed to say how old) seeds the other day and decided nothing beats a try so I have sown them which will be interesting.


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strangely enough I have been forced to buy Sainsbury's plants and the are really nice and cheap as chips

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