Garden Sculpture


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It does look like the grandkids have been playing in your garden and moved all the “toys” around so you ended up with the lady on the snail and the elf with a duck on the end of his fishing rod. A slightly more innocent game than my brother used to play with our neighbour’s garden gnomes when they were on holiday and they’d come back to a gnome orgy!
QVC have just been selling a garden sculpture of a woman riding on a snail.

I have so many questions……
Keep it clean, do! :ROFLMAO:

I saw that hideous thing this morning before I turned off, just who would buy that?

Well, I bought four.....(only joking!)

It's on a par with some Christmas ornaments they did years ago, that were enough to give you nightmares. Talk about 'twas the fright before Christmas'....

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