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I really like the look of the summer palette, but no point in getting it..."you can't polish a turd"! I've decided that I'm done with all the faff of make up. I still wear it but it's minimal nowadays...Quick swoosh of mineral powder to even out my skintone... a light dusting of bronzer on cheeks and eyes...little bit of highlighter, mascara and a swoosh of glitter liquid eyeliner and on lips tinted lip balm. Sounds a lot but in comparison with what I used to do...all the eyeshadows, the eyeliners and the flicks, the lip liner, the lipstick. To be honest I only wear make up to work or if I'm going out somewhere.


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I don't wear make up but I caught a bit of the show today and it all looked nice enough. Bit pricey though but you got a lot for your money with the summer palette.



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Leighton Denny was a binman

La Prairie has done a foundation with a concealer in the lid since last century. Never used myself but know about. And other brands also have done them. So Katy getting all excited about that.
Sorry if repeated down thread, but Denny was actually a warehouse FLTD.
Good to know.

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Well I received my order and it is very nice. Large palette, plenty of shadows and good staying power. Only thing is it is made in China.


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This is his wedding article and how someone called Summer Monteys-Fullam (The Bread-man's ex) gatecrashed the wedding. But yes, anyone who is associated with TOWIE and Jordan are necessarily the same clientele that Q is possibly quite going for!


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So Gary is 50, ah-ha. Then he certainly had quite a bit of facial work done to be that smooth.

The outrage made them rush to OK and tell them all about it. Who no doubt paid for their wedding and decided to bring more Z listers to it to make the photos more interesting.

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