Gatineau TSV 08/08/20


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I quite like it. I am not persuaded Defilift will do anything for your jawline though. I love the gommage that smells of oranges and the creamy mask, also the neck cream and a couple of the face creams. I really disapproved of the drops in the last TSV though as the delivery system packed up almost immediately.


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I used to like the Defi-lift face cream but in this day and age (or perhaps any day and age!) these TSV prices are just too much. I can’t afford the best part of £75 on beauty items which seem to come up weekly at these ‘fabulous’ prices. So it’s a no from me too.


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I remember way back Gatineau and Elemis were the first to bring out the tan accelerators. I got one in TSV and just gave it away as not a sunbather, idea of hell is sitting on a beach or beside a pool.

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I’ve now decided that I too am over Gatineau.
I have issues with the gommage - I can rub away at it and it just stays oily. I’ve watched Michaela demonstrate using it thickly as a peel off mask and tried that but again, nothing. OH took one look and asked if I had butter on my face as it started to drip off my chin. I’m thinking I might use it up as a cuticle oil!

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