Gatineau TSV 29/11/20

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I asked for the collagen eye compresses and the vitamina hand cream, which I wanted to try before buying to large trio they have on offer. I've just been putting it away and noticed they send me the radiance enhancing gommage instead of the handcream. I've got two large gommages in stock plus a regular size one. They could have emailed me and checked which alternative I'd like.


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I posted mine around the 10th December and they have just come today. I requested a mask and a hand cream from the choices available. I have received the mask and the Pro Radiance gommage, which is actually one of my favourites and would have been picked had it been listed. The letter from Gatineau apologises for the substitution but this is because “your chosen product is currently out of stock. Due to the covid pandemic, we have been unable to replenish stock levels from France as frequently as we would like.”

So just a heads up that you may not get what you were expecting although it worked out better for me!

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