Gem Hunter Tony Diniz Returns To Rocks & Co.



<img src="/images/tonyd.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />Rocks & Co. is thrilled to announce that Tony Diniz, renowned gem expert, lapidary and colourful raconteur, will be making another special guest appearance this weekend. Tony will be on Rocks & Co. Friday 15th May (Midnight- 2am, 5pm - 7pm & 9pm – 11.30pm), Saturday 16th May (5pm – 7pm & 8pm – 11.30pm) and Sunday 17th May (10am – 11am, 5pm - 7pm & 8pm - 11pm). If you’re passionate about gemstones, you can’t afford to miss Tony this weekend!<br /><br />Apart from giving viewers the opportunity to know the whole story behind the gemstones available at Rocks & Co., Tony is also launching some gorgeous new arrivals.<br /><br />Tune in 1am Friday morning to be the first to own stunning jewellery featuring Pink Danburite from Madagascar. Danburite is a relatively unknown gem discovered in 1839 and is named after the town of its discovery, Danbury in Fairfield County, Southeast Connecticut. While Pink Danburite’s Diamond-like brilliance and durability makes it an excellent jewellery gemstone, its rapidly growing popularity is hindered by its scarcity. A quintessentially feminine gemstone, Pink Danburite is an unusual and very attractive exotic gemstone that is set to appeal to savvy jewellery connoisseurs.<br /><br />Other highlights include his premiere of new Shimoyo Rubellite jewellery at 9pm Friday, ‘Exotic Gems’ hours 5pm Saturday and 10am Sunday, ‘One’ collections shows 8pm Saturday and Sunday, as well as the premiere of new Tanzanite jewellery 10pm Sunday. There will be more surprises so make sure you’re watching each show and don’t miss out on something truly special.<br /><br />Brazilian Tony Diniz has been in the gemstone industry for over 12 years and has many achievements under his belt. He was one of the first people involved with Mozambique Paraíba Tourmaline; he found significant quantities of some of the world’s finest Kunzite while on adventures in Afghanistan’s Kunar Valley; and was the first to present Blue Fire Opal to the world, right here on Rocks & Co.<br /><br />Don’t miss Tony Diniz this weekend on Sky channel 642, where he’ll give you the story behind the gem. Do you have a question for Tony? Either text him on 82222 (just put STUDIO followed by your question) or e-mail <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.


Keep calm - Log on
Pink Danburite.....

Did anybody have the stamina to stay up till 1AM to view the Pink Danburite? :5:


Costs nothing to be nice!
Did anybody have the stamina to stay up till 1AM to view the Pink Danburite? :5:
I did - thought it was pricey and similar to a very pale Kunzite.

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