Gemporia now an employee owned Company


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The latest self promotion by Steve Bennett so that you can feel better about spending your hard earned with him. He started the company so he will be entitled to employ his family and ensure that they are well rewarded for their efforts I expect. The promo is predictably non specific as to what their scheme actually means. It might suggest some form of profit sharing based on profits but never has it been defined if this is the case. If it where and if it were based on annual salary a few percent of National Living Wage is going to be way less than a few percent of the families top salaries.
Essentially without any details it means nothing and is really pure (?) marketing I suggest


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I've just seen Steve Bennett on a shopping channel (Sky 670) called "Primal Cure" he's now flogging health supplements and vitamins. So, now he's made his millions in jewellery, now he's trying to make out he's a health guru.......has the man no shame?


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As I need my aerial adjusting in the loft,:mysmilie_10::mysmilie_51::mysmilie_43: I have very limited channels to watch so gave this a whirl. Don’t know presenters names but the male one said he was on his own doing the presentations and the TV links so had to bear with him. Don’t know why, skeleton staff doesn’t seem good.

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