Gemporia now selling make up etc

Susie Wusie

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I have been getting fed up with watching Gemporia lately when they take 20 minutes telling you how rare a gemstone is and how they bought it all up when it was cheap and it is now so expensive they won't be able to get it at that price again and then they let you buy it for £29.99!!!! but today whenever I click past they've been selling make-up, is this because they've run out of jewellery to sell?


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I haven't seen that yet but I get fed up seeing Janey in Australia flogging her wares.

Also whilst I am at it, I notice Lynn Jinks has got a new look. I used to like her but I think she looks awful now. She's obviously had some work done and pulls her hair back which I think makes her look fierce. Such a shame cause she used to look really nice


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When I turn on Gems I expect to see jewellery. Now it is is handbags, scarves, make up, candles, watches, sunglasses, health and wellbeing, and home.

Having to sit through the babble before they start selling the jewellery was bad enough, but now all this too!


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I guess they have all had to diversify to earn a crust but a lot of it is very pretentious - gemstone dust in candles etc. The make-up doesn't look too bad - I admit to buying the colour correction powder which seems pretty good - but I don't think Katie who promotes it needs so much slap on her face. The layers and blendings just go on and on and on.


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If they are wearing the colour correcting powder which is a rip off from Givenchy which has used the exact same packaging and colours for years. They are all very shiny looking


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Talking of make up and Adina. I’ve noticed that she starts her 7pm shift with her face fully made up. I often tune in just before 11pm as she’s finishing and the make up is very nearly gone. She fiddles and touches her face and hair constantly, it must all rub off!

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