Gemporia Polska

Rose de France

Gemporia's customer
Gemporia Polska (Gemporia Poland) was a project launched by Colin Wagstaffe in January 2020. The TV channel began broadcasting on 10th of March 2020. It was on air only a few hours a day, everyday. Closed down for the financial reasons in August 2020, Gemporia Polska was reactivated in September 2020. The shopping telly was popular and successful in Poland, but didn't achieve its commercial goals. As a result it was closed down permanently at the end of September 2021. It's worth noting that Debby Cavill, Toby's mother, was a manager of Gemporia Polska.

This is the very last show of the TV channel.
Closing down sale on 30th of September 2021.

The presenter's name is Monika.

Your post made for interesting reading. The Cavill's seem to have been involved with Gems for a long time...... Is the charity still going or has that been dropped also?
It obviously does but I'm happy I don't have to watch it