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Kim Mc

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I hope I am not wrong in telling you about this on the forum. If you join Quidco you can earn 5% off any purchases you make from QVC. It costs £5.00 a year to join and you get money back from loads of retailers plus insurance companies. I know this may sound too good to be true but it is correct. I have been a member for about 16 months and have recieved over £300 back.
Martin Lewis endorses Quidco which is where I first heard about it so I knew it was a genuine site. I wasn't sure if you are allowed to put links to other web sites so i haven't done so.
Just trying to save you all some money.
Apologies if this has been bought up previously,
Regards Kim.


Thanks for the info Kim! I think this was also mentioned on another thread, not so long ago. I personally can't use it as I don't place my orders on line, but I am sure others who don't know about it yet, would really appreciate the info.:mysmilie_508:


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Captain Cash is another site where you get discount from QVC etc. Thats free to join:flower:

Kim Mc

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Will check out Captain Cash. Sorry this has been bought up before but I am not the best hunter of previous posts. Must try harder :taphead:

Silver Fox

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I use Cashback Kings ( Thanks again to info in a post some time ago) There is no joining fee.It take some time for the cash to come through but it does eventually.Have used it to book a Hotel & airport parking. Are any of these sites better than others? I do sometimes forget to go through CBK, must try & makeit a habit! daft B that I am!


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OK Thicko here. Joined Captain Cash. How does this work because I can't recall ever seeing a discount box when I've ordered anything on line ?


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I've recently joined Quidco and it does sound good. Ordered from QVC, Ticketmaster and lookfantastic all via Quidco. I have received my cashback from Ticketmaster and lookfantastic but not QVC. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that QVC take the longest to process the cashback!


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TopCashBack is very good, 5% Discount on QVC puchases and free to join.

Yes they are the best to join, no annual fee and you get a bonus when you hit certain thresholds.

I wouldn't trust Quidco after an affiliate went bust they didn't pay out and people lost loads of money, Topcashback and a few others paid out of there own pocket so people did not loose out.


was that summer?
I have been a Quidco member for a few years now and received around £600 in cashback. There has been a recent problem, as deanos says, with an affiliate going bust. I lost a very small sum in this fiasco - only a few pounds, but it has put me off them a bit.
There are plenty of other cashback sites - Mr Lily uses Topcashback and is very happy with them.


I find quidco very hit or miss as to getting your cash back.

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