Going, going, gone?

I like the natural colours and designs but it seems a bit skimpy in the cut and far too expensive to send for to try out.


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Casual & Co are just coats now, but originally they were summer attire. Lightweight trousers and tops, strappy dresses and the 'gobby' Genevieve guesting it.

OMG have you tried recently to listen to her Yesterday popped onto IW and I couldn`t switch channels quick enough ... to say she was in over drive would be an understatement!!


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I quite liked the fashion back in the day.......
South Lodge, Fabrizio and Casa Mia plus does anyone remember Gabriella T......printed jumpers and cardigans? I had a really nice leopard print cardi


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Is the Tiana B range being discontinued? Annalee and whatsit (the sister brand) has already gone it seems........Gone the way of Very Vollbracht, Taylor Dresses, Print Fusion, Beth Terrell, George Simonton, that strange German chap with tight trousers...

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