Good grief ! Wiggy is back on the telly !

As I live and breathe - it's like a flashback to 2009. :mysmilie_13::mysmilie_14: Mark Stewart (formally known as 'Wiggy' from Price Drop TV) has reinvented himself as TJC's 'resident chef' and has been helping flog a multicooker this morning. Poor man was visibly shaking like a leaf at the start. I haven't seen him around since he did a few overnights for TJC years ago. Live cooking on shopping telly is always fraught with danger and Mark started off by trying to extract some molten hot fried food with his bare fingers from the frying basket at the start.

There's an air-fryer on later tonight, so he may have a second spot today. I hope he gets some work out of it, he was one of the more tolerable Price Drop presenters.

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