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This is new to me. Different designs and reasonable prices. I shouldn't really watch as I'm waiting for a Bonprix parcel to arrive but, hey, hubby's out!! Lol


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Yes for Q some of its doesn't look too bad, I know these tops which have are longer at the back are very much "in" at the moment but I am getting fed up with them, the high street seems awash with them too, perhaps it is because I am short and not particularly long in the leg (sadly) but they just don't seem to look that flattering on me.
Unless the quality is better than Q's usual offerings, you can buy similar on DHS for on average a tenner cheaper and save another fiver on postage.


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You can also buy direct from the Princess Grace website. I don't know if their prices are cheaper than QVC but I am sure the p & p will be!

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