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:( Vienna, how awful for him. My eldest has long Covid and she has it in waves, gets better then her cough comes back, Dr's confirmed it but just told her there's nothing they can do and if it gets to a point her breathing gets terrible, ring 111. She had a bad cough over christmas and I thought this is bad, not even 25 and she struggles so. She has the home covid tests so we know she hasn't got it back. She had it worse in April when we all had it.
Lou, that must be so hard to live with. And the worst is, nobody seems to know anything about this evil disease so nobody knows how to treat it. Sending you love and hope. 🌈

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I will be very surprised if anyone outside of England has a hope in hell of winning even a small prize.

Many times in the past with different competitions I have said this.

The population of Wales is just under 4 million, Scotland is just under 6 million, and the population of England is 57 million, 8 million in London alone.

QVC presenters have been saying since this competition started how people have already won significant prizes.

I bet they are all in England.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to work out these odds.,😡😡😡
Someone won £10 and a Chest of Drawers


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Just bought some reduced skechers - go walk slip on. Then tried to spin the wheel, but the order no. wasn't recognised !!! tried several times, is it me ????

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I ordered a couple of AlpaH items but at the time never even thought of this promotion.Just got out my order nos. & given them a try, no wins, surprise? I ignore this sort of thing.Always check the Premium Bonds though! Waiting for a knock on the door.

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