groundhog day


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Is it me ? but everytime I switch on - and its rarely these days, the same brands are on time and again. Ashwood handbags, Cozee Home, Dyson, all beauty, Marla Wynn, with those good old standbys Kipling and Eek bringing up the rear.

Most of these brands are from America (understandable), but its becoming clear that new vendors are thin on the ground, and therefore we're on a loop system of same brands same products being aired.

Boring, doesn't begin to cover it, but its surprising that the number of presenters have been retained as the wage bill alone must be horrendous, so I suppose the number of product units sold must make them still viable. But for the viewer there is nothing new, so no incentive in bothering to watch anymore.


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I agree, the shop seams empty now. Twenty six years ago this was a good way of selling your products, now brands are on for a short while, if at all, then leave. So now with most of us having the internet we can buy direct from the company cheaper, or the likes of Amazon next day delivery and fast refunds, that mixed with the abysmal prehistoric service, the new breed of shoppers don’t even bother shopping with QVC and more and more brands are distancing themselves because of the cheesy image and bad reviews/service. So yes I agree, I very rarely channel hop now too.

Also they’ve tried to make it all about celebrities instead of the people who actually pay their bills, the customer.

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Agree it is so boring, I just flip on from time to time and it is almost always something I have seen many times before.Gone are the days when we had to leap to the phones or something was sold out! So much competition these days and that old chestnut the P&P charges and slow delivery are a big downside.The only thing I can try something,use it & return which I do only occasionally and even that is at some cost!
The “top end department store” has now become “bargain basement”. Unfortunately their prices haven’t reduced the same way as their Q. V & C has plummeted.

I know people are more likely to vent annoyance rather than praise but if the % of complaints on arsebook are anything to go by those newbies they courted won’t be coming back for more. A lot of posts now starting “I’ve been a satisfied customer for x years but .....” so even all but the hard and fast groupies are leaving like rats deserting the sinking ship. Still the odd “QVC is the best ever kissy kiss kiss” but personally I discount those as being bin lids so they don’t really count.

Only purchased once or twice in 2019 and watched even less.

TBH if it wasn’t for this forum I wouldn’t even dip in to keep up with things!


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I couldn't agree more! I've said the same many times this last year. QVC appear to have made a few attemps to appease customers, with various promos and things, but it all feels a bit desperate, as though it's too little, too late and they know it. On top of that, I've been having a major headache with Hermes. Have been receiving parcels from them for years and they've always been really good. However, this season, my local regular guy seems to have vanished like a fart in the wind and whoever has replaced him either can't be bothered to get out of their van and come to my front door, or doesn't even bother picking the parcels up from the local depot. I now have three orders from various places floating around somewhere in the ether. That coupled with the complete lack of interest shown by QVC in trying to sort it out means I'm not going to bother with them anymore. There is little enough to keep me coming back as it is, without all this added hassle.

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