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OMG! Who on earth would pay that money for these? This channel works by telling all these naive viewers that they can make their own jewellery and then sell it. Well maybe they can but not if they want to make a profit. There's no way anyone can pay their prices and make any money from selling their completed pieces. It's obvious it's people new to jewellery making who are buying because apart from the ridiculous prices, how can anyone buy these beads without even knowing the length of string they're getting? I find myself screaming at the screen - Go to Ebay and pay a fraction of the price!!


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I saw Lucy selling the rubies this morning, I was channel flicking as I was bored of the "largest auction quantity" auction over on Gems, and the build up she did before showing the strand of rubies was just ridiculous given what she was about to show!!!!


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Yeah I saw this on tv last night. £49 quid + p&p for teeny weeny ruby chips?! At first I thought "This must be a mistake", but knowing the company behind this I'm not surprised at anything they do any more.

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