Had a delivery


Now a Gran to Olivia May
Well just had a delivery of my first order with Rockstv. Wow Wow Wow
really am pleased with the service and packing and boxes and most of all with the goods.
I bought a Garnet and Diamond bracelet for £62 and a Smokey Quartz Ring for £12,the garnets are heart shaped and so pretty and the ring is lovely.
Am now waiting for my next order to arrive. I also received a book on Gems free of charge and the boxes the jewellery came in are very nice and look like you have bought quality goods.There are information cards with each piece and returns details,and terms and conditions information.
Well done Rocks, fast service and one happy customer. Thankyou.

thanks Tony and John for all your help with any emails and questions I have sent you. x:):):)


Piccys please!!!

Mad Granny Sue

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My MT ring and blue topaz pendant came today too but by the time I got to the door the DPD man was back in his van and driving off. :mad: I will leave a note on the door telling him that I am in, but my legs don't do turbo charged rushes to the door anymore! He must have left it all of 30 seconds before the "sorry we missed you" note was left.

At least I know the parcel (hopefully) is safe. My only other recent experience of the newly named Parceline was a couple of weeks ago when I made a small purchase from GTV which was dumped on the doorstep even though Kevin was at the door almost immediately. :eek:


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My order arrived today also...typically when i was out. One of my items was missing, but the other two are lovely. Pics to follow later.


Now a Gran to Olivia May
Hope these pictures are ok.LOL
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I received the same ring as you diamondgirl..its lovely. My other one is on its way back as there's a problem with it.


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I recieved my order today as well, beautiful! a silver and pearl necklace and a pair of silver and diamond earrings, I am so pleased with them and speed etc that they arrived :) I will be ordering again soon :D

Lady Darls

Diamondgirl, they are lovely but I love your bracelet.

Wheely, I never got my necklace today pah!!!! glad to hear its nice though, sure mine'll come tomorrow


was that summer?
My Mystic Topaz ring came this morning, and it's very pretty, a steal at £20 :)


Now a Gran to Olivia May
Just had the rest of the items I ordered over the weekend, Amethyst and Dia Ring and a bracelet made up of all different colour stones. Also another book which I shall give to a dear friend and John was kind enough to keep his word and sent me a litle gift as a sort of apology for there first night glitches on Bidding etc.It was a lovely modern silver and white zircon ring. So far very very impressed!!!
Thanks Rocks TV.:):):)


Costs nothing to be nice!
Love your ring and bracelet Diamondgirl. That was really nice of them to send you a gift too! Now that's what I call excellent customer service - you don't find that very often these days!


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I adore that bracelet!
Well done, looks a bargain.


Westcountry wench!
I loved that garnet bracelet when it was aired again last night. Am a sucker for the heart shapes....

it sounds like your shopping experiences have all been pretty pleasant so far and CR have won some fans.

sadly my own first delivery has turned into a bit of a farce which I've already bored folks with on the RTV chatbox - not CR's fault at all but a combination of mine and DPD's. Our house has 2 front entrances cos of it being a back-to-front terrace - I put yesterday's delivery card on our back door for today's driver to see the instructions of where to leave the parcel today. Of course today's driver went to the front door and so didn't see my note! So I got another delivery note.....I've now given instructions on the website and tomorrow is hopefully third time lucky or I shall be lobbing rocks at the next DPD van I see lol

then there is the second delivery package to deal with.....aaaagh
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Hope they all turn up safely today Sammi:)

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