Has he left?


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Haven't seen Mark Rigby on air for ages now, has he left? There is a distinct lack of male presenters on the channel in my opinion! There is lovely John Scott and my favourite-Alan Miller. But the rest are all females! Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but one or two of the females, seem to have gone to the same training school as the Gems presenters! I much prefer John, Alan and Mark's way of presenting. I also don't think Alan is on enough times either :mysmilie_10:!


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Not seen mark rigby or alan c. miller for a month now. Seem's like rock's and co just want lady presenters. Even john scott seems to be being phased out. Maybe the channel won't be here by christmas.


New member
Alan did say on his last show that he would be back later this month. I agree with you about John Scott, he is not on as often as he used to be. If they are phasing out the male presenters, in favour of more female presenters, I also cant see the channel lasting either.


Staff member
The less we see of Mark Rigby the better, without doubt the most boring presenter that Rocks and Co. have.


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I have to agree with Graham - wooden, monotone and take it from me a complete numpty in real life too. Terrible presenter but even worse as a producer!

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