Head to toe in Qvc purchases


was that summer?
I was out and about yesterday; made a nice change. It was also a baking hot day. I saw a lady wearing a rather nice Carole Hochman maxi nightie, as a dress. She also had a made exclusively for QVC Kipling bag, and was wearing the TSV basket weave Skechers. Never really noticed anyone in QVC wares before, let alone 'head to toe'.
PAL you know farrrr too much about Q products for your own good!

I'll bet the lady never imagined that someone would recognise a maxi dress as a nightie.

When you hear about the numbers of new customers they have each week it's amazing that hardly anyone you know has even heard of Q.


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I recognise Kipling bags every now and then and jewellery that may be eek.
Once went on holiday, Mr L took ill and we were only able to go outdoors for a limited time and it was mostly spent sitting on a seat watching the world go by. In an effort to pass the time I used to play a game of guessing the nationality of people in the distance and then as they passed me talking I was able to see if I was right.

I was always without exception able to get the UK ones correct as nearly all were dressed from M&S (some items from about 10 years ago) and nearly every UK woman had the same shaped arse.

Young teens were the most difficult as they all dressed pretty much the same.

It was a long pretty boring holiday!

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