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Apr 18, 2024
Found through Google after having had one of those days with QVC and their returns policy! I will eventually explain all. 😊
Thank you May. Been disillusioned with QVC since circa 2019. It’s gone downhill rapidly and after yesterdays phone call from QVC asking why I was returning so many things.

I found this forum through Google when asking about QVC issues.

If QVC do not get a grip on this decline then it could be the end for them. Sales are down and returns are notably high.

If QVC were to go that would be sad because especially around Christmas some of the TSV’s are really good and I have a stock up. Hopefully, now having found you all congregating in here I am now with like minded others who are questioning QVC’s dealings with their customers.
We’ve been predicting their doom due to archaic practices for a long time, but up comes the pandemic and lockdown to save their skin.
Q have many good points, such as informing us of brands and products we weren’t aware of… but they are lazier with the information and demonstrations than they used to be… and this forum wouldn’t exist without Q and it was brilliant during those lockdowns.

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