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Hi to all, I was hoping someone on here who's a bit techie could help or advise. As I'm not at all tech savvy I'm at a bit of a loss what to do. I can no longer access or watch Gems TV/Gemporia on line although everything else is ok. All I get when I click on my link is Gempori, with the "A" missing from the end and a black opening screen that won't go any further. I do not even get the Host name at the top as usually do and no sound. Whilst I can watch on tv if I really want to watch I like to see what's been on in last hour or what's on preorder, especially when hubby home and commandeers the telly! Could it just be I'm on an old computer system or I've disabled settings somewhere? Any help or advice would be much appreciated, thank you.


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It worked on mine, if that helps.

Has the address on the link got corrupted, try googling gemporia, which is what I just did.

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