Help please , someone .


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I have been thinking about ordering from the craft channel 'cos I've seen a few things I like but I am a bit wary because of a bad experience I had some years back with Ideal World over a returned item . I eventually got a refund but what a performance ! Are you pleased with their products and the service ?


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Well my mum aint ordered for a number of years.

1) because the call centre cannot understand her,
2) the items are usually not up to standard,
3) the items are taking longer and longer to arrive,

Cannot speak for anyone else though but they have lost a big customer with my mum. She now only buys from QVC.


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Logfire join and you will see what Yaz means.


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I have ordered from C&C for a couple of years and have never encountered any problems.Yes, the delivery can take longer than QVC but lately it has been much faster.


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Thanks all . Doesn't look as if much has changed . I went ahead and ordered a kit anyway . It was quite nice and delivered quickly but made of awful shiny paper :sad: I will take a look at the forum you recommended - am not into cute or any of the '-ages' tho !

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