Help with yankee tart burner please.

China Girl

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I've recently bought a yankee tart burner, not the plug in one that was the tsv, it's one that you use with a T light underneath. It's lovely except for one thing, when I blow out the T light the wax from it spills over and even went on the table I had it on. I've tried being extra careful but you need to blow quite hard or the flame stays lit. I don't really want to wait until the light burns down to nothing as I only like them on for about half an hour or so. Any suggestions would be most welcome, thanks in advance. :whew:


1) Shield the part wit wax in and direct your puff of air to the flame.
2) Pour water in tart bit and let candle burn out.
3) Close off holes in candle section, thereby starving candle of oxygen.

There - three options to consider!


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Can you get one of those old fashioned gadgets that you put over the flame to snuff it out rather than have to pick it up to blow it out?


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Do you have something heatproof such as a small glass or metal candle tray you could cover the T light with?


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I brought a large flat pair of tweezers, proper candle snuffer, or you can use wick trimmers that also snuff. As far as wax on the table goes I brought a glass coaster, what you stand your mug on. It catches any drips, easy clean but doesn't clash against the tart burner.

Victoria plumb

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Hi. I use a candle snuffer... most candle shops sell them or ebay will definitely have some:happy:

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