High Street TV - Tupperware


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I was flicking channels this morning and the shopping infomercials were the usual Dormeo Mattress, the steam cleaner and the leg exerciser, but usually if I see something new or different I'll have a quick look, I say quick but it usually isn't as it takes an age for them to get the point - The price and it's usually waaay more than you'd expect. High Street tv were selling a set of 4 Tupperware (yes actual Tupperware) food containers for the fridge in varying sizes, they had special airflow lids with 3 different positions and a chart showing which position to use for which item of food (bit of a palaver, but still). Apparently the good old airtight containers we've been using in our fridges to keep our food fresher are no good, funnily enough, I've never had any trouble with them. I stayed with them until the "money shot" came - £59.99 + £3.95 p&p (RRP. £92)! Are you bloody serious? That much to keep your bag of spinach going for another week? or to keep your blueberries plump! I've got an old fashioned money saving idea, don't buy more than you need, ( I know it's unavoidable at times), freeze stuff if it's suitable to freeze and keep on using your airtight containers. If you buy this, as my old grandad would've said "You need your head read"!