Hilarious informercial for rechargeable heat pack


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I've seen some funny infomercials in my time but nothing beats the one at the moment for a rechargeable heat pack that you can actually strap around your waist etc...I guess it's not a bad idea but it's the bit where they show the "Old fashioned way" that's so funny. Showing people putting an uncovered hot water bottle to their painful neck and burning themselves..like you'd do that wouldn't you..but funnier than that it's the way they show them boiling a pan of water on the stove then trying to pour it into the bottle....FFS!!!! Doesn't anyone in ad land own a kettle? Not only does it boil in a couple of minutes, it's got a nifty little spout so you can pour the water into the top of a hot water bottle without burning your hands/spilling water all over the place..!!


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You've put my thoughts into words there!

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