Hochanda is off the air! (As of 5:20AM 09/09/2015)


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Video on the website is also down! Currently have a splash screen on sky saying "We are inferencing technical difficulties - Sorry for any inconvenience"

Interestingly the internet stream still has the "repeat" dog in the top right..

Is this the end? Has there been a fire? (or is it too soon for that?)

Last thing I watched was the quilting hour - where they'd stuck quilts over the tired blue set and one of them started to fall down in the last few minutes of the show!

Car crash TV at its best!


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It's been going off the air quite regularly and usually only for a short time with technical difficulties.


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Yes it has gone off air intermittently this past week but I for one have enjoyed the few shows that I have seen. At least this channel is in one place and I can find it to view it.
Unlike the craft channel which will be on several channels at odd times with no shows in the afternoon and only available for me to watch online.

I really do hope both channels can find their niche, as I for one am a crafter and I'd like more choice. I can't stand to watch a lot of C&C these days - too many die shows, big expensive bundles of things I don't want and too many shows from the same few companies.


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I also hope it manages to stay on air and expand its audience .I have found some of the stuff interesting .The presentations are a bit amateurish,but I complain about the bland boring QVC shows so maybe there is a happy medium


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I have really enjoyed the variety too. Glass making has always fascinated me and the jewellery fire and ice from a "mistake" looks pretty, pottery....... Bring it on Hochanda.


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It could be a good channel - but they need to sort the lighting and picture/sound quality issues out, Improve the camera work so we can see what's going on properly, and it stick to it's core and not just another channel showing the same old non craft related junk with endless repeats

mr tom

A new era? same old sh#t.
I like the variety but they are really playing fast and loose with the term 'hobby'

washing cars? surely that's a job (and one people don't enjoy doing at that) ??


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Like a fool I decided to explore why Hochanda have been neglecting their audience recently, just a little, on their social media. Then I found it...

It would appear that Hochanda are launching next week in Germany!

But the question is, why now? They haven't exactly got the UK version of Hochanda running smoothly just yet. In fact as I type this, it is currently off air again in the UK on all platforms, and according to the Craft forum, has been like that since at least 7pm this evening.

Did the crowd funding investors buy Hochanda a tv channel in Germany?


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2:30am and it's STILL off air - as is the stream on the website, I can't see why ANYONE would invest in this channel - Would it really be that hard to create a channel from scratch (and do a way better job?) - I'm just hoping "The Craft Channel" get there act together and find a permanent home then broadcast 24/7, In my eyes its MILES better, More professional and with considerably better presenters

mr tom

A new era? same old sh#t.
It truly is a shower of sh#t

stamps, dies or car cleaner on rotation.

plus the presenters are clearly a case of who was available and not hired by the craft channel.

The same adverts with these people rarely if ever, actually given an hour.

Not impressed.


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They had a power saw selling over the weekend for DIY i suppose, also some cleaning stuff to care for your classic car ! cue pictures of classic Rolls or Bently , something like that.I mean,how many people have a classic car parked on the drive.? Not sure who these shows are aimed at.

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