Hochanda philosophy & Barbara Gray


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Interesting listening to Barbara Gray on the channel today. It's a real coup that they've taken her from Create & Craft. She said she came on board because of the emphasis on education & that Hochanda agree with her belief that if you show people how to use the products & get them enthused, they will buy things without the necessity for a hard sell.
Maybe that ties in with why they hired Lee as a presenter as a previous poster said he been sacked a few times from other channels, presumably because sales weren't high enough.
It will be interesting to see if they are brave enough to stick with this philosophy & keep things relaxed, educational & fun & still make money. I hope they do as I agree with Barara & like the approach.


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Totally agree with you, as many of us (on several forums) have said in the past that the hard sell puts us off and we change channels when it happens.
I think educating people about how to use the products is important........ I know I never buy anything when I don't know exactly what it's for or what to do with it.
I also hope that they can stick to this philosophy and the style of presenting that goes with it, as it's great to watch IMO.


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Is that the Clarity Stamp lady, I always liked her style on C&C if it is.


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I'm not so sure..... I can see that for new crafters watching, Barbara's slow quiet style of tutoring will be interesting, but I gave up watching her shows long ago on C&C because, as an experienced crafter, her shows were too slow.
I didn't like the almost reverent sucking-up to Barbara at the launch of Hochanda, referring to her as 'the queen of craft' (and I don't think she was comfortable with this either) - but clearly they feel that they have to have their own Dawn Bibby to be successful.
Initially, I liked Hochanda's laid back style - and it looks like we're going to see a wide variety of crafts - but they have broadcast so many hours of demo's on just a few products available so far that if I see something, or a brand I'm interested in, I'll search for it online, or pop into my local Hobbycrafts store, where I've always managed to buy lots of lovely goodies without anyone showing me how to use them!


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I like the more relaxed style and not spending half the show showing millions of products that won't be used. I will be interested to see how the online workshops work. Will we have to join a club or pay to do so many a year or will will just pay for the ones we want when we want them. Also I wonder how much they will be!


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I wonder if any craft channel will ever be able to get it right?

We need to be constantly fed with new and interesting crafting ideas to keep us fat and happy, the shows need to be entertaining and yet informative.

Not too chatty about irrelevant stuff, yet relaxed and personable.

We want to see more of the guests we love and less of the ones we don't.

We don't want to pay too much, dislike P&P, dislike same old same old, fed up of mega bundle 'deals'....

I could go on, I think it's almost impossible as we all want. like different things. :confused:

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