Hochanda to Be Rebranded


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As from 1st April, Hochanda is to be rebranded as The Craft Store

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No take over or April Fool. They've changed the name because it will be easier to find them when searching online or the TV schedule. Not quite sure how they think that will work! It's already been pointed out that there's another company wjth the name The Craft Store and the colours they're using are very similar to Craft World.


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I always thought that Hochanda was a completely meaningless name, so I've never even watched them at all, and couldn't be bothered to find out what they sold.


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They must have been struggling somehow to do this? To change your name to a similar sounding channel all whiffs of desperation really. Which is a shame as I do like to chill out watching the channel sometimes even though I have no interest in crafting.

It's just a shame that they have taken on a handful of presenters who are plain awful.


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I wish them well but it's the screen quality of standard definition that's awful. I don't craft but I like watching craft channels to chill out and relax. Unfortunately it's like watching an old '90's VHS tape which, when you're selling delicate arts and crafts materials, just makes everything look smudged and blurry. The clueless presenter that's on right now doesn't help much either!


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I've only just noticed that Hochanda has disappeared from my EPG!


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Are they struggling to pay their internet bills? The quality on SKY seems to be getting worse. It's like they are uploading shows on a 56k modem! I'm guessing dedicated fans probably watch them via the website?

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