Holy Moly RegVarney

Susie Wusie

VIP Shopper
Why on earth does this man make such stupid noises in the middle of presenting and repeat what he says so often, the man is a complete buffoon.

Lilo Lil

VIP Shopper
What’s with his hair? A mullet in the making ...


Active member
I can't watch him. He's another who mistakenly thinks that he's absolutely hilarious. He reminds me of the Fast Show character Colin Hunt: totally personality free and can't stop spouting unfunny crap.


VIP Shopper
Bloody hell Reg Varney looks like a dustman right now...he should be sent home and told to smarten himself up a bit!

The Duke of Cheese

Well-known member
Why is he growing the back of his hair to wrap around his feet? It would have looked scruffy and unkempt in 1988 when that style was last in fashion. Surely his wife could take some IW sharp knives and slice it off? She could also cut his hair while she's about it!!

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