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I find it odd that the Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate machine makes only one cup of chocolate, although two cups are provided when you buy the machine. So, if you are sharing, you and the other person have only a half a cup each. If you're not sharing, this doesn't apply, of course. I just thought it was a funny notion to give two cups that could not be filled. Their boxes of chocolates have plastic trays. I prefer little frilly paper cups for each chocolate, but perhaps the plastic tray is for shipping reasons. It looks cheap.


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I was sucked in - during a mad moment, and bought one of these things when they first aired. Yes it does make a good chocolate drink, BUT its just at drinkable temperature, so unless you drink the chocolate quickly it goes cold rapidly. Yes it is a faff to make separate cups of chocolate, and again, someone has already drunk their choccy while you're making somebody else's !! I haven't tried it but I'm sure those chocolate sachets would work equally well in a pan of boiling milk, without the machine. Like a lot of 'gadgets' mine's in the cupboard, but it looks nice if you get it as a gift - if someone wants to fork out the price.


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I've never used the cups, don't really like them.

And the sachets are so expensive so I've never bought any more.

But I use ordinary cocoa, or just grate up any old chocolate bars.

You've reminded me I've got one, not used it for at least 6 months.

In this hot weather, I have wished it could be used for cold frothy drinks as well.


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I have never been tempted, I just think you would need to drink hot chocolate all the time to make in worth the money. I have coffee machine and use the chocolate pods if I want a hot chocolate.


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I love chocolate, but do not care for hot chocolate - it always disappoints, imo. Same with pretty much all cakes etc.


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It`s very very rare I ever fancy a chocolate flavoured drink of any kind but I`m quite partial to chocolates or chocolate bars. When I do want a chocolate flavoured drink, usually in Winter, I just heat milk and stir in a Cadbury flake, job done in 5 minutes.
It would be far too sweet for me but I did buy 2 for gifts during lockdown and they were very well received (but would they say otherwise?) both had a sweet tooth and liked the idea but I know wouldn’t have self purchased.


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You hear them banging on about this luxury velvet hot chocolate treat that you'd only get the likes of if you paid about £4 in a coffee shop or cafe - So of course this little beauty will have paid for itself in a couple of months. Maybe so if you're having 3 hot chocolates a week when you're out in a cafe. The main difference is, you're probably with a friend having a chat, the hot choc's made for you in a lovely big mug with squirty cream and sprinkles on top, you're not at home trying to squeeze a second small cup of hot choc out to your mate whilst yours is getting cold on the side, or vice versa! Ffs a total waste of money, if you want a fancy hot chocolate, you want the whole experience. Lidl's 95p tub of instant hot chocolate is as good as it gets, no lumps, smooth and creamy and lovely to take up to bed, and yes if you've got some squirty cream in the fridge and a few marshmallows throw 'em in. This is another cupboard clutterer as far as I'm concerned, and that's before you've had to shell out silly money for their sachets!


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Don't like hot chocolate, far too sweet and the thought of those marshmallows or piles of cream on top turns my stomach. I'll stick to whisky 🥃🥃



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Don't like hot chocolate, far too sweet and the thought of those marshmallows or piles of cream on top turns my stomach. I'll stick to whisky 🥃🥃

Me too, I used to drink it when I was younger but can't stomach it now, so sweet and sickly no matter how well its made, give me a nice brandy/cognac instead 👍


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When I was a little girl, perhaps 5+? My dad made me a hot chocolate every night before bed. It was some kind of magical drink as my mum could never recreate it. All I know was boiling water, cocoa powder, milk and sugar. But, no other hot chocolate ever came close in taste.


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I don’t drink milk, so take my tea and coffee black. I only buy a small bottle of milk if I know friends are popping in for coffee. When the ex pops round he brings his own milk. 👍 The thought of chocolate plus hot milk certainly doesn’t appeal to me at all, which is why the chocolate pods I use in my Tassimo are ideal - you use water.

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